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We Sell and Install Suspension Lift Kits at Liberty Off Road

Top Brands

Ready Lift, BDS Suspension, Carli Suspension, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, McGaughys, CST, Fabtech, Pro Comp, Rough Country and many more.


What Are Lift Kits?

Lift kits are aftermarket parts added to vehicles to achieve more lift, essentially raising it higher off the ground. Lifts are designed by manufacturers to meet the vehicle’s specific shape and size in which they’re installed, ensuring safety and stability for the vehicle and its passengers. Lift kits provide greater clearance underneath vehicles. This is beneficial for drivers who travel on off-road and rocky terrain and vehicle owners who want to add larger tires to their truck.

Suspension Lift Kit Process and Benefits

Suspension lift kits are installed to lift the vehicle from the axle and wheels. The suspension system of the vehicle is what is lifted, therefore, raising the entire body and frame of the truck. Installing suspension lift kits varies from vehicle to vehicle because it’s design and suspension play a role in the method used to install the lifts. This makes installation a little more complicated. Suspension lifts are popular because there is no limit to how high they can raise a vehicle.

Professional Lift Kit Installation

At Liberty Off-Road, we work hard to ensure that our customers find the right lift kit for their vehicle. Whether you want the most lift possible for that monster truck look or you just need a few inches to squeeze on some bigger tires, we can install the perfect lift kit on your vehicle. Stop by and visit us today.

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